Klub and Simpl Partner to Provide Low-Interest Credit to D2C Merchants

Klub, a leading Revenue Based Finance company, and Simpl, India’s premier one-tap checkout platform, have partnered to provide D2C merchants with digital access to credit at low interest rates. The goal of this partnership is to help D2C merchants meet their working capital needs and overcome the major challenge of hyper-growth.

Simpl’s “Booster Package” includes capital-as-a-service for partner merchants. This initiative will enable long-term value creation and alleviate a significant pain point for many Indian businesses that are digitally native. Additionally, the “Booster Package” gives customers exclusive access to D2C enabler services, such as brand development, credit access, digital marketing, and e-commerce consulting, that promote business growth.

According to the “Beyond E-commerce 3.0” report by Kalaari Capital, the pandemic’s digitization has resulted in at least 50 million new users being added to the Indian e-commerce networks over the last two years. By 2025, India is expected to have 1.1 billion internet users, with 30% of them engaged in online purchasing. Therefore, it is essential to support D2C merchants on multiple fronts, including credit access, discoverability, and seamless payments.

Nitya Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Simpl, commented on the collaboration, saying, “As a company dedicated to building the D2C merchant ecosystem in India, we continuously strive to come up with novel solutions to the issues faced by the community. In support of this effort, we are excited to announce the expansion of our Booster Package, which will now give the D2C community access to credit through our relationship with Klub.”

Klub’s cutting-edge embedded capital product can be seamlessly synchronized with its platform allies, providing a plug-and-play lending option. Klub offers a variety of capital partners, including banks, NBFCs, and its own credit fund, to ensure that merchants receive the best funding options.

Anurakt Jain, co-founder and CEO of Klub, expressed his excitement about the opportunity to lead this shift and help platforms realize the full potential of their merchant ecosystems. The D2C ecosystem in India is expanding quickly, with merchants seeking to create a distinctive customer experience and establish direct relationships with end-users. To make this possible, it is necessary to build a complete digital value chain, including a payment infrastructure, to provide millions of customers with a seamless experience.

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